Preface by Prof Daniel Guery

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Pour aborder la langue française dans sa complexité, aussi bien à l’oral qu’à l'écrit,’My French Album’ sera pour les étudiants un outil utile et efficace.

Son approche systématique et ses références linguistiques solides permettront de construire les bases sérieuses d’un apprentissage solide. Reste à chacun de travailler avec intelligence et persévérance les exercices et la pratique de la langue très régulièrement.
En respectant la progression proposée, je ne doute pas que les compétences acquises par les étudiants leur permettront de s’approprier rapidement la langue française ! Et je souhaite que cela puisse se faire avec le plaisir de découvrir non seulement la langue française mais aussi la culture française ! Mes félicitations et mes encouragements.
Daniel GUERY - Honorary Director Teacher training

Honorary Director
Teacher training
29 subdivision Castle
55000 Savonnières devant Bar

Preface in English

To approach the French language in all its complexity, both orally and in writing, "My French Album" will be a useful and effective tool for students.
Its systematic approach and its solid linguistic references will help to build a serious foundation for solid learning. It is up to each student to work with intelligence and perseverance on the exercises and the practice of the language very regularly.
By respecting the proposed progression, I have no doubt that the skills acquired by the students will enable them to quickly appropriate the French language! And I hope that this can be done with the pleasure of discovering not only the french language but also the french culture !

My congratulations and encouragement.
Daniel GUERY - Honorary Director Teacher training
29 subdivision Castle
55000 Savonnières devant Bar

My French Album


My French Album published by Incide Academy, Nagercoil has been designed as an Immersion Course that introduces beginners to the French language. Through the use of pronunciation drills, the book systematically eases the learner into the sound system of the language before presenting basic communication phrases in French. With the help of English translations the book enables the learner to study the language independently and gain proficiency in communicating in a variety of real-life situations. The various grammatical concepts are presented progressively, in a simple manner and the exercises at the end of each lesson enable the learner to practice them in different contexts of communication.
My French Album helps new learners acquire basic knowledge of French and it can also be used as a revision tool by students who have prior knowledge.

Ramya Sundar
Assistant Professor
Department of French
University of Madras

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