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International Centre for Integrated Development (INCIDE)



The essence of education is the celebration of every child, every youth, every adult… every human person, every moment, everywhere and in every stage of life in its fullness. INCIDE presents its idea of education with the sole objective of educating people for life in its fullness.


  • About us
    We are a family of teachers dedicated to educating children and youth bringing in changes for the better of every individual and the society.
  • Our Objectives
    ● To promote lifelong learning and career opportunities for all.
    ● To ensure that everyone is accessible to inclusive and equitable quality education.
    ● We aim at holistic development of each learner: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.
    ● To help children learn basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, arithmetic, playing, drawing,    singing, dancing, play acting and athletics..
    ● Preparing children for higher education.
    ● Promotion of social harmony.
  • Our offers:
    ● Hands on training on healthy habits and hobbies to each child.
    ● Colourful learner friendly reading material.
    ● Dialogue drills, play acting and workshops on public speaking,leadership skills and personality    development.
    ● Activities and games carefully designed to deliver the basic requirements for the learners.
    to learn life skills with ease and comfort and achieve academic and career excellence.
  • Our faculty
    ● Highly qualified fun loving young teachers who have an excellent professional track record and proven    ability to impart knowledge to learners with love and care.
    ● Our teachers are passionately interested in facilitating learning so every moment in class is an effective    learning moment.
    ● Our teachers have been trained to communicate effectively with learners at their level while guiding them    to higher levels step by step.
    ● Blessed with a high degree of creativity and flexibility and guided by visionary seniors our teachers adapt    lessons to individual learning styles.
  • Our Campus
    A serene location, spacious classrooms and play areas conducive to learning in a relaxed mood.
  • Our motto
    Education for enlightenment, enrichment, empowerment and entertainment.
  • Our message
    ● The Essence of Education is the Celebration of Every Individual, Every moment and Enjoyment of Life in    its Fullness.
    ● Every child is a precious gift of God and every moment of life is a glorious opportunity. Making the most    of this opportunity we guide our children to dream big and important and become big and important    when they grow up by realizing their dreams and achieving their highest potential in life and career.

    We shall be their Leading Kindly Lights.

  • Our Vision
    We envision a global community in which every individual receives the kind of education they desire, achieve excellence in the career they choose, contribute substantially towards making the Global Community feel life is good and live every moment in its fullness enjoying perfect harmony with one another.
  • Our Mission
    Restructuring the school campus and the course houses making them learner centered and community friendly, reorganizing and rescheduling the educational system, incorporating innovative concepts, NANO teaching, Immersion Courses, Workshops and Seminars, for example, in order to impart the essence of education to the learners, and accomplishing the task of constructing roads to achieving excellence in the profession of teaching the one that makes every other profession excellent.

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