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● Our terms of service apply to anyone, both individuals and institutions, who use our services.
● Our terms of service will take effect from January 1, 2021.
INCIDE Academy is a non-profit organization so we offer the members of faculty a honorarium in proportion to the duration of their    work as decided by our Directors.
● Participants are welcome to use our website and youtube channel, downloading and printing lessons for free as long as they use them    for the purpose of teaching and learning.
● A letter requesting permission to use our website, download lessons or print and use our presentations is always welcome and very    much appreciated.
● If you start using our channel, you agree to our terms of service.
● You are welcome to our INCIDE Academy educational opportunities and career guidance.
● As long as you use our services online on your own you don’t have to pay fees.
● If you want to participate in our virtual classes or in house training programmes in any of our course houses you will have to pay    registration and course fees as decided by our Course Directors.
● Fees once paid will not be refunded.
● These terms apply to any device of your choice, mobile phone, tablet, lap top, desk top,social media platforms..
● Incide Academy functions from its head office at 44 A4 / 137 , Golden Street,Nagercoil-629004, India.
● Every month we conduct ‘On Achieving My Full Potential Competitions’. Your interest and involvement are the only credentials    required to enter the contest.
terms ● Rules regarding competitions are available on our website and more if required will be mailed to you on request.
● The decision of a judging panel is always final for all competitions.
INCIDE Academy is the sole owner of all the products, essays, worksheets, articles, books, musical compositions, plays,videos...    published on www.incideacademy.com and the YouTube Channel incide .
● Viewers are welcome to use our copyright protected presentations for the purpose of teaching and learning giving credit to the    owner.
● Anybody interested can join our team of content writers, produce learner friendly contents on a subject of your choice and get them    published on our website and the YouTube channel.
● Honorarium for the creations will be decided by our advisory panel and that is final. Go HOME

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