Day 1
English for Little Stars - I

English for Little Stars

Come, let’s make merry and celebrate every moment!

A forty hour Immersion Course for beginners!

Planned, written and Designed by

M T Cosca

S. Pazhani

R. Canute Raj Mary

D. Jegatha

Ganga Ramamoorthy

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English for Little Stars


Learning English with friends is real fun.

Come let’s enjoy fun while learning English and

Learn English while enjoying fun.


A warm Invitation

A Lovely Introduction

From letters to words

From words to phrases

From phrases to sentences

From sentences to presentations




Public Speaking

Summer Camps

Audition for movies

World Tours

Space Exploration

Just for fun gags

Good night stories for sweet dreams


Dear friends, Greetings from all of us at our INCIDE playgroup! The planet Earth is ours. It’s so beautiful. Its beauty differs from place to place. Green forests, golden deserts, blue seas, silver falls and cliffs adorn the planet. No wonder, it is scenic everywhere. Everybody enjoys a bit of beauty and so do we. So, let us start our journey!


English is spoken all over the world. With English we can make friends easily. With English we can study, work and live in any part of the world. With English we can talk to presidents, prime ministers, scientists and the great teachers of the world. With English we can travel the world and enjoy fun. Our voyage starts now. Board our Nano Cruise today. Tomorrow may be too late. Wish you well.


Game- 1

From letters to words

Part A

Input Time

Please listen/ read with a friend, parent or guide


Apple, Ant, Anchor, Angry


Boy, Bank, Ball, Bun


Can, Cat, Call, Cry


Dog, Dance, Doll, Daily


Ear, Egg, Eat, Evening


Fan,Fun, Fire, Food


Garden, good, green, grape


Head, Home, Hand, Help


Ice-cream, Ice, Ink, In


Joke, Joy, Jam, Job


King, Key, Kite, Knight


Lion, Line, Lick, Light


Monkey, Man, Mango, Money


Noon, None, Name, Never


Owl, Ostrich, On, Oak


Pea, Peacock, Person, People


Queen, Queue, Quiz, Quick


Road, Rough, Run, Rope


Snake, Slip, Sleep, Sell


Tea, Tell, Ten, Twenty


Umbrella, Under, Up, Unique


Van, Victory, Voyage, Vine


Watch, What, When, Why


Xylophone, X-ray, Xerox, Xavier


Yolk, Yacht, Yes, Yellow


Zip, Zero, Zoo, Zebra

Part B

Interaction Time

Please write four other words starting with each letter of the English alphabet.

Read your creations to your friends.


From words to phrases

Part A

Input Time

Please listen/read

1. Apple

An apple, an apple a day, apple tree, apple picking

2. Ant

An ant, an army of ants, ant hole, ant hills

3. Anchor

Anchor chain, an anchor light, anchor ring, anchor rope

4. Angry

Angry birds, angry customers, an angry silence, angry at tasteless food

Part B

Interaction Time

Activity-1: Write four words you like best and write four phrases or sentences using each word.

Model Presentation

(i) Good
● Good morning!
● Good morning mummy!
● I wish you a good day daddy.
● Have a good day, dad.

(ii) Nice
● Nice to see you, mam.
● It’s nice to see you again.
● You look very nice in your new dress.
● Did you have a nice time with your friends?

(iii) Great
● Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader.
● Have a great day, Sumi.
● I have visited the Great wall of China.
● This is a great opportunity for us.

(Iv) Juice
● Every morning I take a glass of orange juice.
● Would you like a glass of orange juice?
● I prefer lime juice to orange juice.
● Daddy, two glasses of lime juice, please.


Activity- 2

Practice the dialogue with a friend

Malu: Good morning Cia! How are you?

Cia: I’m good. How about you?

Malu: I’m fine! Had your breakfast?

Cia: I just had a banana and a glass of lime juice. Have you finished your breakfast?

Malu: No, dear I had an apple. Breakfast is not ready yet.

Cia: Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

Malu: Mh, I don’t think an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fruits, vegetables and water can help us live healthy. So we must drink water whenever we feel thirsty and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Cia: What you say is true. In our family the first food is always a fruit or a glass of warm water or some fruit juice.

Malu: Do you go apple picking every morning?

Cia: No, Malu. We don’t have any apple trees. I go mango picking almost everyday during the season.

Malu: That’s great. Nice talking to you, Cia.

Cia: good to see you after a long time. Bye, Malu.

Malu: Bye, Cia! See you soon.

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