Day 2
Fluency Drills

Drill - 1

Greeting Formulas

(i) Greeting in the morning

Between dawn and 12 p.m.

Day- 22

➢ Good morning is a greeting formula used for greeting someone in the morning , between dawn and 12 p.m.

Please read the following phrases and sentences aloud four times.

Good morning.

Good morning, mummy.

Good morning, daddy.

Good morning, grandma.

Good morning, uncle.

Good morning, doctor.

Good morning, lovely children.

Good morning, everybody.

Good morning, children.

Good morning, good children

Good morning, friends.

Good morning, good friends.

Good morning, David.

Good morning, Ella.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning, madam.

Hello (informal)

Hi (Very informal)

(ii) Greeting in the afternoon

Between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Good afternoon is a greeting formula used for greeting someone in the afternoon between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Good afternoon, everybody.

Good afternoon, good children.

Good afternoon, friends.

Good afternoon, Gina.

Good afternoon, Abdul.

Good afternoon, mummy.

Good afternoon, daddy.

Good afternoon, lovely children.

Good afternoon, sir.

Good afternoon, mam.




(iii) Greeting in the evening

Between 6.p.m. and dinner or the time for bed

Good evening is a greeting formula used for greeting someone between 6 p.m. and the time for bed.

Good evening.

Good evening, mummy.

Good evening, daddy.

Good evening, lovely children.

Good evening, everybody

Good evening, children.

Good evening, good children.

Good evening, friends.

Good evening, good friends.

Good evening, Bindhu

Good evening, Prakash.

Good evening, sir.

Good evening, mam.


(iv) Birthday Greetings

Greeting someone on his/her birthday

May this birthday bring you more blessings and fill every moment of your life with happiness.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, sweet mummy.

Happy birthday, daddy.

Happy birthday, Chitra.

Happy birthday, Unni.

Happy birthday, madam.

Happy birthday, sir.

Enjoy every moment of your birthday.


(v) Greeting someone on special occasions
New year greetings

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, friends.

Happy New Year, Jeni.

Happy New Year, Remya.

Happy New Year, mummy.

Happy New Year, daddy.

Happy New Year, madam.

Happy New Year, sir.

Greeting on some few other special occasions

Happy feast

Happy Christmas

We wish you a Happy Deepavali.

Happy Ramzan

Enjoy Pongal Everybody

Celebrate and Enjoy Onam…



God has blessed all of us with this glorious opportunity of life.

We shall share blessings with one another.

May God bless you.

May God bless every member of our families!

May God bless every moment of your life.

Come, Let’s all pray for God’s blessing and Gifts of Love.

May the Lord fill you with His Spirit and give you enough wisdom.

May God bless your new house and fill every room with all riches in abundance.

Come let’s bless the children.

Blessed are those who bless others.

Thanking somebody for something

Thanks. (Response:You are welcome./You are most welcome.)

Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.

I thank you for the gifts of love.

We thank you for the good time you’ve shared with us.

Thank you for the warm reception and rich hospitality.

Thank you for your birthday greetings.

Dad, lunch is delicious, fragrant, and spicy, thank you so much.

A:How are you, dear?

B: I’m fine, thank you.

A: You look very nice in this sari.

B: Thank you very much.

A:Would you like a glass of juice?

B: Yes, I’ll have orange juice, thank you.

A: Would you like some cake?

B: No, thank you.

A: You are smart for work. You produce results beyond expectation.

B; Thank you for the generous recognition.

A: You are an asset to the organization. We are proud of you

B: I don’t know how I can thank you enough, sir.

A: I invite you to my birthday party.

B: Thanks for the warm invitation.

A: We invite you to the school day celebration.

B: I’m happy to accept your invitation. Thank you so much.

A: We thank you for the wonderful speech.

B: Thank you for listening to me.

A: You are welcome to the chat show.

B: Thank you so much.

Leave Taking
Greeting someone when he/she leaves.

greetings 23

Bye!   Bye!    Bye!    Goodbye!

Goodbye, mummy!

Goodbye! It was great to meet you.

Goodbye, good children!

See you, soon!


Enjoy every moment. Bye!

Now is time for joy!. Make sure it is. Bye!

Say goodbye to grandpa for me.

Seeing people off at Airports/ Railway stations/ Bus stations…..

Wish you a safe journey.

Have a pleasant journey.

Enjoy the flight.

Enjoy every moment of the journey.

Taking leave at night

Good night.

Good night, mom

Enjoy a good night’s rest.

Good night, daddy.

Good night, lovely children.

Good night, everybody.

Good night, friends.

Good night, sir.

Good night, mam.

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