Our motto

From School to the State From Pupil to people friendly Parliamentarian

Next generation school

Our Objective

To give the essence of education to every child everywhere

The essence of education is the celebration of every child, every youth, every adult… every human person, every moment, everywhere and in every stage of life in its fullness. INCIDE presents its idea of education with the sole objective of educating people for life in its fullness.

Our Vision

Our INCIDE Family has a vision of a world in which every person is able to receive the kind of education he aspires, enjoy the career of his/her choice, celebrate every moment of his/her life and live this glorious opportunity of life in its fullness.

Our Mission

Restructuring the school campus, making it learner centered and community friendly, and the course houses, reorganizing and rescheduling the educational system, incorporating innovative concepts, NANO teaching for example, in order to impart the essence of education to the learners, and accomplishing the task of constructing roads to achieving excellence in the profession of teaching the one that makes every other profession people friendly.

Our Leadership Education Neighborhood

Yes, this is our school. We are the owners and managers of Our School. We call it Our School until we discover a better name for Our School.

Salient features of Our School, the most favored study destination for our children.

  • Our school is centrally located in the neighborhood well protected by the feeder communities.
  • Our School is the product of our collective effort and will develop under our collective leadership.
  • Our children can walk to school.
  • Our NANO course houses, with cabins around, are conducive to incorporate NANO Teaching.
  • The proximity of the school to the feeder communities and the Neighborhood Community Parliament makes it very popular.
Course house

Our Partner- Trustees

  • The first 25 benefactors who invest $ 50,000/ each on twenty cents of land ( 5 X 5 cents) in the village.
  • The trustees will have a collective duty, responsibility and authority over managing the school and run the school and share a reasonable dividend as collectively decided by the Trust.

Our Partner- Benefactors

  • The first 800 to 1000 families who invest $ 10,000 each on 5 cents of land in the village. The families will own the school along with the trustees and will be given priority.
  • Our Beneficiaries
  • Our contributing trustees, benefactors, our children and whoever wants to benefit from our services are our beneficiaries.



44/A4 Golden Street



M.T.Cosca Director

Mob: +91-9442831216

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